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Each specially themed issue of VideoScope features The Phantom Of The Movies' New Release Shelf: reviews of new release titles, Phantom Pheedback (send us your mail and e-mail queries and comments), sell-through debuts/reviews. Regular columns include: Phantom Speaks! (The Phantom Sounds Off), Art-House Video, Cyberscreen Scene, Asian Invasion, Animania, Video Verite, Phantom Bookshelf, Tele-Video, Keeping Score (film and video musical scores), Filmmakers In Focus, Camp Corner, Comedies On Cassette, Drive-In Dementia, plus all the usual much, much more! Read Before You Rent—VideoScope reviews approximately 100 new titles per issue. Clip and save the valuable Review Index! Order Back Issues

Back Issues #1 - #20

  • VideoScope #2 Mar/Apr 1993 Zoe Lund on "Ms. .45"! Brandon Lee on "Rapid Fire"! Video Vampire Invasion Part I! Over 50 Reviews. $8.00.
  • VideoScope #3 May/June 1993 Michael Powell on "Peeping Tom"! Gary Oldman on "Bram Stoker's Dracula"! Over 50 Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #7 Jan/March 1994 Stuart Gordon on "Fortress"! Jackie Chan's Greatest Hits! Wild Youth A Go-Go! Over 50 Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #9 May/July 1994 Abel Ferrara on "Body Snatchers"! Vanna White Laid Bare! Insect-Fear Film Fests! Over 50 Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #15 Summer 1995 52 pages! Exclusive Interviews: John Carpenter: "In the Mouth of Madness"! Neil Jordan: "Interview with the Vampire"! Ed Wood! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #16 Fall 1995 68 pages! Exclusive Interviews: Tony Todd on "Candyman"! Linda Blair on Life! Lucio Fulci on Death! Inside "Carnival of Souls"! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #17 Winter 1996 Exclusive Interviews: Clive Barker on "Lord of Illusions"! Dolores Fuller on "Ed Wood"! Stuart Gordon on "Castle Freak"! Over 70 Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #18 Spring 1996 Exclusive Interviews: Wes Craven on "Vampire in Brooklyn"! Inside MST 3K! Original Vampirella Barbara Leigh! Over 80 Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #19 Summer 1996 Exclusive Jackie Chan Interview! Mel Gibson on "Braveheart"! Quentin Tarantino! Tsui Hark! "The Tingler"! "City of Lost Children"! Over 80 Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #20 Fall 1996 Exclusive Interviews: Beverly Garland! Inside "Cemetery Man"! Rev. Lynn Lemon on Ed Wood! Over 80 Video Reviews! $8.00.

Back Issues #21 - #30

  • VideoScope #21 Winter 1997 Exclusive Interviews: Pam Grier! John Carpenter! Jeffrey Combs! Carel (Lurch) Struycken Speaks Out! Over 90 Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #22 Spring 1997 Exclusive Interviews: Andy Sidaris! Bruce Dern at the Drive-In Part 1! Matthew ("Freeway") Bright! Russ Meyer! 80+ Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #23 Summer 1997 Inside Terry Gilliam's "12 Monkeys"! Cosmic Classics! Exclusive Interviews: Billy Bob Thornton! Bruce Dern Part Deux! 80+ Reviews. $8.00.
  • VideoScope #24 Fall 1997 Exclusive Interviews: Cult auteur Jack Hill! Forry Ackerman! Hammer Horrors! Scully Exposed! Ed Wood's Haunted World! 90+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #25 Winter 1998 Insect-Fear Fests! Exclusive Interviews: Stella Stevens! Barry Sonnenfeld on "Men in Black"! Guillermo del Toro on "Mimic"! All this and "Gamera II"! Over 80 Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #26 Spring 1998 Cult Classics! Exclusive Interviews: John Agar Tells All! Candace Hilligoss on "Carnival of Souls"! Radley Metzger! Ron Ormond! 90+ Reviews. $8.00.
  • VideoScope #27 Summer 1998 Exclusive Interviews: Genre director William Asher! Max Showalter! William Lustig! Errol Morris! Godzilla! 100+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #28 Fall 1998 Exclusive: Don Coscarelli on "Phantasm"! Hot Hammer Horrors! "The X-Files"! John Sayles! Over 100 Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #29 Winter 1999 Exclusive Interviews: Eileen Daly on "Razor Blade Smile"! Julie Newmar Scratches Back! Debbie Rochon: "Night of the Living Dead"! Jean Reno on "Ronin"! 90+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #30 Spring 1999 Exclusive Interviews: Jennifer ("Bride of Chucky") Tilly Tells All! Candace Hilligoss! Dario Argento Uncensored! Inside Vincenzo Natali's "Cube" and Scott Reynolds' "The Ugly"! 90+ Reviews! $8.00.

Back Issues #31 - #41

  • VideoScope #31 Summer 1999 Exclusive Interviews: Director Bill Condon on "Gods and Monsters"! Vincent Schiavelli! Dwain Esper! MST3K! "Run Lola Run"! 90+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #32 Fall 1999 Halloween Hell: Exclusive Interviews: John Carpenter Confidential! Inside "The Wicker Man"! Roger Corman Part I! "The Blair Witch Project"! Ed Wood Revisited! Over 90 Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #33 Winter 2000 Exclusive Interviews: Brion James! Richard ("Rocky Horror Picture Show") O'Brien! Genre Goddess Liz Renay! 3-D Vids! MST3K! Bela Lugosi in Britain! 90+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #34 Spring 2000 Genre Gems: Director Slava Tsukerman: Shooting "Liquid Sky"! Harry Kumel: "Daughters of Darkness"! Laura Elliott: "Strangers on a Train"! William Castle! "Coming Apart"! Billy Gray Remembers! 90+ Reviews. $8.00.
  • VideoScope #35 Summer 2000 Drive-In Movie Marathon! Exclusive Interviews: Joe Dante! David F. Friedman! Kasey Rogers! + MST3K! "Fight Club"! I Remember "Robot Monster"! Billy Jack! 90+ Video Reviews. $8.00.
  • VideoScope #36 Fall 2000 Halloween Hell 2000! Exclusive Interviews: Joe Dante Part 2! Lloyd Kaufman! Bobby (Boris) Pickett! B-Movie Film Festival! Inside "The X-Files"! 90+ Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #37 Winter 2001 Films on Film! Exclusive Interviews: Willem Dafoe on "Shadow of the Vampire"! John Waters on "Cecil B. Demented"! Jack Hill on "Mondo Keyhole"! 90+ Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #38 Spring 2001 Shocks & Yoks Edition! Exclusive Interviews: The Chiodo Brothers: "Killer Klowns from Outer Space"! Richard Lynch! MST3K! The Phantom's Annual "B"wards! 80+ Reviews. $8.00.
  • VideoScope #39 Summer 2001 Shocking Exploitation Edition! Exclusive Interviews: Doris Wishman: Exploitation Queen! Dave Friedman: "Mau Mau Sex Sex"! On Location with "The Powerpuff Girls"! Max Allan Collins: Making "Real Time"! Stanley Kubrick! "Incubus": William Shatner in Esperanto! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #40 Interviews: Cassandra (Elvira) Peterson and Mark Pierson! Outlaw Video! The Complete Superman Collection! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #41 Winter 2002 Eye on Sci-Fi! Exclusive Interviews: Lance Henriksen: "Millennium" Man! Andy Sidaris! Sara Karloff! Live Anime Reports! Hammer Horrors! Mondo Giallo! "Flash Gordon"! 90+ Reviews! $8.00.

Back Issues #42 - #55

  • VideoScope #42 Spring 2002 Exclusive Interviews: "The Sopranos"' David (Richie Aprile) Proval! Alejandro Jodorowsky! Debbie Rochon's "American Nightmare"! Live from the Miami Film Fest! 2001: Best of DVD! "Blood Feast 2"! Doris Wishman! 90+ Video Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #43 Summer 2002 Exclusive Interviews: Antonio (Huggy Bear) Fargas! Dick Bakalyan! Directors John ("Suspended Animation") Hancock and Richard ("Brigham City") Dutcher! Max Allan Collins on "Road to Perdition"! Action Figures from Hell! Anime Explosion! 90+ Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #44 Interviews: Ted V. Mikels! Kathryn Leigh Scott! Halloween Hell-O-Rama! Herman Cohen! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #45 Interviews: P.J. Soles! Gerry Anderson! First NYC Horror Fest! Getting Hammered! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #46 Spring 2003 Interviews: Larry ("Wendigo") Fessenden! Stuart ("The Lost World") Orme! George Ratliff: Inside "Hell House"! Philip Cook on "Despiser"! Best DVDs of 2002! "Andy's Gang"! 'Blaxploitation' Update! 90+ Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #49 Winter 2004 Cult-Video Confessions! Exclusive Interviews: Ray Harryhausen! Rob Zombie! Danny Boyle on 28 Days Later! L.Q. Jones on A Boy and His Dog! Patrick Macnee! Mary Woronov! Steve Cuden on Lucky! 80+ Video Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #50 Spring 2004 50th Anniversary Edition! Exclusive Interviews: David Carradine: From Kung Fu to Kill Bill! Producer Richard Gordon on Secrets of Sex! 2003 Transylvanian Tour! The Monster Times Revisited! Best DVDs of 2003! 80+ reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #51 Summer 2004 Exclusive Interviews: Cult Legend Dick Miller! Evil Dead Icon Bruce Campbell! Director Patty Jenkins on Monster! Screenwriter George Toles on The Saddest Music in the World! Hideous Sun Demon! Universal Monsters! 90+ reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #52 Fall 2004 Special Horror Harvest Edition Exclusive interviews: George Romero: Dean of the Dead! Director Bob ("Deathdream") Clark! Inside "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra"! Lon Chaney, Jr. Remembered! 90+ DVD reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #53 Winter 2004 Special Horror Heroines Edition: Exclusive interviews: Adrienne Barbeau! Beverly Garland! KaDee ("The Grudge") Strickland! Plus: Michael Apted! Universal Monsters! "Star Wars"! 90+ DVD reviews. $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #54 Spring 2005 Special International Cult-Movie Edition: Exclusive interviews: Alex ("Day of the Beast") de la Iglesia! E. Elias Merhige on "Suspect Zero"! Richard Alden on "The Sadist"! Greta Thyssen! Best Genre DVDs of 2004! Expanded Asian Invasion! 90+ DVD reviews. $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #55 Summer 2005 Special Back to the Drive-In Edition! Exclusive interviews: Character king Brad Dourif! Writer/director Cody Jarrett on Frog-g-g! Director Lucky (Dismembered) Brown! Plus! Inside the 2005 Cannes Film Festival! MST3K Revisited! Expanded Asian Invasion. $8.00. SOLD OUT

Back Issues #58 - #69

  • VideoScope #58 Spring 2006 Special Edge of the Screen Edition! Exclusive interviews: John Waters! Red Eye screenwriter Carl Ellsworth! Bernard (Snuff Movie) Rose! The Mask Revisited! Best Genre DVDs of 2005! The Phantom's Annual "B"wards! 90+ New DVD Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #61 Winter 2007 Exclusive Interviews: Character King Clancy Brown! Screen Psycho Irwin Keyes! Aussie Auteur Mark Savage! "The Stepfather": 20 Years of Fear! Best of the Fests! Revenge of "MST3K"! 80+ New DVD Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #62 Spring 2007 Exclusive Interviews: Torture Titan Tobin ("Saw") Bell! Character King Art LaFleur! Director Lewis Jackson on "Christmas Evil"! Lana Clarkson Remembered! Superman Redux! "Dark Shadows" Revisited! Best Genre DVDs of 2006! The Phantom's Annual "B"wards! 90+ New DVD Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #63 Summer 2007 Exclusive interviews: Lynn ("The Crazies") Lowry! Kelli ("Night of the Comet") Maroney! Gary ("Satan's Sadists") Kent! Character King Martin Kove! Alfred Sole on "Alice, Sweet Alice"! Return to the Summer of Love! Best of the Fests! 90+ DVD Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #64 Fall 2007 Exclusive Interviews: William ("The Exorcist") Friedkin! Character King Keith David! Stuart ("From Beyond") Gordon! Corbin ("The Dentist") Bernsen! Richard ("Face of Fire") Erdman! Mystery Science Theater 3000! Mondo Toho! 90+ New DVD Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #65 Winter 2008 Exclusive interviews: Character King Jeffrey ("Re-Animator") Combs! Coleen Gray: From Noir Queen to "Leech Woman"! Debbie Rochon's Goth, Italian-Style! 2007 H.P. Lovecraft Film Fest! The Girls of "Grindhouse"! MST3K Revisited! 90+ DVD Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #66 Spring 2008 Exclusive interviews: Character King Robert Forster! Viggo Mortensen on "Eastern Promises"! Action Icon Fred (The Hammer) Williamson! Mickey Knox! Best Genre DVDs of 2007! The Phantom's Annual "B"wards! Attack of the Invisible Actors! 80+ DVD Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #67 Summer 2008 Exclusive interviews: Ronny ("RoboCop") Cox! Screen Queen Margia Dean! William ("Impulse") Grefe! Kenny ("Teenage Werewolf") Miller! Christa Campbell! Plus: Prom Night Revisited! Mondo Toho! Best of the Fests! Noir Gang! 90+ DVD Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #68 Fall 2008 Exclusive interviews: Character King Bob Gunton! Beverly ("Spider Baby") Washburn! William Phipps: Surviving "Five"! Richard Elfman: Inside the "Forbidden Zone"! Debbie Rochon on "The Fabulous Stains"! Enzo G. Castellari's "Inglorious Bastards"! Best of the Fests! 90+ DVD reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #69 Winter 2008 Exclusive interviews: Character King William ("Blade Runner") Sanderson! Sally ("Frankenstein's Daughter") Todd! Dee ("The Howling") Wallace! "My Name Is Bruce" Campbell! Remembering Forry! Inside "Nightmare in Wax"! "MST3K" Redux! 90+ DVD Reviews! $8.00

Back Issues #70 - #80

  • VideoScope #70 Spring 2009 Exclusive Interviews: Horror Icon Michael Berryman! Sally Todd on "The Unearthly"! Scream Queens Felissa ("Sleepaway Camp") Rose & Adrienne ("Friday the 13th") King! Best Genre DVDs of 2008! The Phantom's Annual "B"wards! Inside "American Scary"! "MST3K" Revisited! 80+ DVD Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #71 Summer 2009 Exclusive interviews: Character King Charles Martin Smith! Diane Jordan on "The Monster and the Stripper"! Lamberto ("Demons") Bava! Eric ("Near Dark") Red! Anthony ("Sundown") Hickox! MAD at the Movies! Digital Drive-In A Go-Go! 80+ DVD Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #73 Winter 2010 Exclusive interviews: H.G. Lewis: Godfather of Gore! Movie Macho Man Charles Napier! Frank ("Basket Case") Henenlotter! Character King James Hong! Don Coscarelli's Phantasm Madness! Best of the Fests: From Lovecraft to the Living Dead! Grindhouse Greats! 80+ DVD Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #74 Spring 2010 Exclusive interviews: Screen Tough Guy Tom ("Henry") Towles! Euro Action Icon Richard Harrison! Character King Tony ("Candyman") Todd! Stunt Ace Dick Warlock! Eduardo Sanchez: Beyond Blair Witch! MST3K Madness! Best of the Fests! Dark Shadows! 80+ DVD Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #75 Summer 2010 Exclusive interviews: Walter Koenig! Allan Arkush: Beyond "Rock 'n' Roll High School"! J.D. Feigelson: "Dark Night of the Scarecrow"! Duane ("Pulp Fiction") Whitaker! Inside "The Navy vs. the Night Monsters"! "MST3K" Redux! 80+ DVD Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #76 Fall 2010 Legends of the Living Dead Edition! Interviews: George Romero! John Harrison: From "Dawn" to "Day"! "Return of the Living Dead" Reunion! William ("Ghostbusters") Atherton! Kathryn Leigh Scott: "Dark Shadows" Redux! The First "Frankenstein"! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #77 Winter 2011 Cult Classics Edition! Interviews: Arch ("The Sadist") Hall Jr.! John Sayles! Warwick Davis: From "Leprechaun" to "Harry Potter"! Terry ("Day of the Dead") Alexander! Character Queen Frances Sternhagen! Inside "Antichrist"! ZomBcon 2010! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #78 Spring 2011 International Genre Gems Edition! Interviews: Bert I. Gordon: Confessions of Mr. B.I.G.! Screenwriter Charles Sinclair: Behind "The Green Slime"! Jean Rollin: The Last Interview! Character King James Rebhorn! The Phantom's Annual "B"wards! Lon Chaney Lives Again! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #79 Summer 2011 Special Summer Back to the Drive-In Edition! Exclusive interviews: Character King Frank Vincent! Richard Gordon's "Tower of Evil"! Drive-In Auteur Greydon ("Without Warning") Clark! Inside "The Evil Dead"! MST3K Madness! Drive-In Dementia! Zombie-Rama! 80+ DVD Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #80 Fall Horror Harvest Edition! Exclusive interviews: Character King Stephen Root! Martin Casella: The Truth Behind "Poltergeist"! Frank Henenlotter on H.G. Lewis! The William Castle Story! Richard Anderson on "The Bionic Woman"! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! "Dark Shadows"! 80+ DVD Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT

Back Issues #81 - #90

  • VideoScope #81 Winter 2012 Winter Cult Classics Edition! Exclusive interviews: Belinda Balaski: Adventures in the Cult-Movie Trade! "Party Animal" Matthew Causey! Character King Dale Dye! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! "MST3K" Strikes Again! Mondo Giallo! Zombie-Rama! 80+ DVD/Blu-ray Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #82 Spring 2012 International Genre Gems Editon! Interviews: David Hess: The Last Interview! Italo Cult Icon Giovanni Lombardo ("Cannibal Apocalypse") Radice! Character King Richard Riehle! Best Discs of 2011! "MST3K" Revisited! The Phantom's Annual "B"wards! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #83 Summer 2012 Back to the Drive-In! Interviews: Mamie Van Doren! Character King Mike Starr! Inside "Chillerama" with directors Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan! Editor Christopher ("Dirty Mary Crazy Larry") Holmes Part One! Roger Corman Tribute! Guy Maddin! MST3K Strikes Again! 80+ Reviews! $8.00. SOLD OUT
  • VideoScope #84 Fall 2012 Horror Harvest Edition! Interviews: Roddy Piper Meets the Monsters! Victoria (Daughter of Vincent) Price! Character King Raymond J. Barry! Nurse Sherri Jill Jacobson! Editor Christopher ("Dirty Mary Crazy Larry") Holmes Part Two! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! MST3K Redux! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #85 Winter 2013 Goth & Noir Edition! Interviews: Dark Shadows' Jerry Lacy! Debbie Rochon on Nightmare Box! Character King Jon Polito! Universal Monsters! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #86 Spring 2013 Spring Action Edition! Interviews: William (Stone Cold) Forsythe! R. Lee Ermey! Reb Brown! William Grefe! Basket Case 3 Revisited! MST3K Redux! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #87 Summer 2013 Back to the Drive-In Edition! Interviews: Bill Richmond on Jerry Lewis! Don Coscarelli! Drive-In Diva Lindsay Bloom! Bill (Return of the Living Dead) Stout! Best of the Fests! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #88 Fall 2013 Horror Harvest! Interviews: Malcolm McDowell! The Soska Sisters on American Mary! Giallo Gal Adrienne LaRussa! Best of the Fright Fests! MST3K Revisited! Octaman Exposed! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #89 Winter 2014 Winter Chills! Interviews: James Best! Mondo Sharknado: Inside the Asylum! Blood Feast: 50 Years of Fear! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! Black Devil Doll! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #90 Spring 2014 Spring Action! Interviews: Dawn Wells: From Gilligan to Kill Again! Leon Isaac Kennedy: Beyond Penitentiary! Cynthia Rothrock: Kick-Ass Queen! Birth of the Living Dead! Best of the Noirs & West! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.

Back Issues #91 - #100

  • VideoScope #91 Summer 2014 Drive-In Edition! Interviews: Action Ace Lorenzo Lamas! Character King Ethan Phillips! Thom Eberhardt: Night of the Comet! Cult Queen Pollyanna (The Woman) McIntosh! Best of the Fests! MST3K Strikes Again! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #92 Fall 2014 Horror Harvest Edition! Exclusive Interviews: Master of Horror Lucky McKee! Hammer Hair-Raiser Paul Huntley! Foley King Gary Hecker! Action Ace Don (The Dragon) Wilson! Best of the Fear-Film Fests! Dark Shadows! Noir Gang! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #93 Winter 2015 Genre Milestones Edition! Exclusive Interviews: Production Designer Joe Alves on Jaws! Laurel (Yeoman Colt) Goodwin: Birth of Star Trek! Tim Matheson: Jonny Quest to Animal House! Actor Tzi Ma! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! MST3K Redux! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #94 Spring 2015 Spring Action Edition Interviews: Action Ace Mark Dacascos! Carl (Predator) Weathers! Doug (Hellboy) Jones! Paul (Son of Moe) Howard! The Phantom's Annual “B”wards! MST3K Redux! Duke Mitchell's Massacre Mafia Style! Noir Gang! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #95 Summer 2015 Summer Drive-In Edition! Interviews: Lewis (Alligator) Teague! William (Timerider) Dear! Long Rider Nicholas Guest! Doug (Hellboy) Jones! MST3K Revisited! Best of the Fests! 3-D Delirium! Drive-In Winners! Noir Gang! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #96 Fall 2015 Horror Harvest Edition! Interviews: Suzanna Leigh! Dolph Lundgren! John Kapelos! Rena (The Dead Lands) Owen! Tony Jaa! Michael Jai White! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! MST3K Redux! Best of the West! Noir Gang! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #97 Winter 2016 Winter Cult Action! Interviews: Rambo Creator David Morrell! Lost Idol Mark Pellegrino! Inside No Escape! Anthony De Longis! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! Scare-Screen Classics! Noir Gang! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #98 Spring 2016 Spring Chills Edition! Interviews: Eli (The Green Inferno) Roth! Edoardo (Son of Antonio) Margheriti! John Sanders: The Walking Dead! Movie Bear Master Doug Seus! MST3K! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #99 Summer 2016 Back to the Drive-In Edition! Interviews: Movie Menace Kane (Hatchet) Hodder! King of the Fuzz Guitar Davie Allan! Lou Ferrigno! Radha (Darkness) Mitchell! Best of the Fests! Drive-In Classics! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #100 Fall 2016 Special Fall Horror Harvest/100th Issue Collector's Edition! Interviews: Kevin VanHentenryck: Basket Case Confidential! Phantasm Fever! Inside The Witch's Dungeon! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! Scream Screen Classics! MST3K Redux! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.

Back Issues #101 - #110

  • VideoScope #101 Winter 2017 Winter Chills Edition! Interviews: Dennis (Fade to Black) Christopher! Luigi (Contamination) Cozzi! Character King Robert Costanzo! Inside Vinegar Syndrome! Best of the Fests! Godzilla Roars Again! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #102 Spring 2017 Spring Thrills Edition! Interviews: Dyanne (Ilsa) Thorne! Roger Corman! Joe R. (Bubba Ho-Tep) Lansdale! Voice Ace Kevin Michael Richardson! Conrad (Plan 9) Brooks! The Phantom’s Annual “B”wards! MST3K Redux! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #103 Summer 2017 Back to the Drive-In Edition! Interviews: Adrienne (Creepshow) Barbeau! Michael (The Hidden) Nouri! Drive-In Legend Sam Sherman! Character King Stuart Pankin! Best of the Fests! Drive-In Classics! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #104 Fall 2017 Horror Harvest Edition! Interviews: Larry (It's Alive) Cohen! William (Macumba Love) Wellman Jr.! Character King Kevin Pollak! Best of the Fests! George Romero Remembered! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #105 Winter 2018 Winter Chills Edition! Interviews: Carl (Jaws) Gottlieb! Lauren Ashley (Jug Face) Carter! Peeping Tom! Best of the Fests! Blu-ray Horror Classics! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #106 Spring 2018 Spring Chills Edition! Interviews: Samantha (The Brood) Eggar! Director Worth (Rottweiler) Keeter! Chinese Hercules Matthew Knowles! The Phantom’s “B”wards! Best of the Fests! MST3K: The New Crew! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #107 Summer 2018 Back to the Drive-In Edition! Interviews: Martine Beswick: From Bond Girl to Hammer Icon! Character King Eddie Deezen: A Nerd for All Seasons! Composer Jeff (Stake Land) Grace! Best of the Fests! MST3K! Drive-in Classics! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #108 Fall 2018 Interviews: Mondo Romero: John (Martin) Amplas! Ferd & Beverly (Gator Bait) Sebastian! Dinosaur expert Julie McHugh! Best of the Genre-Film Fests! MST3K! 80+ Reviews! $8.00.
  • VideoScope #109 Winter 2019 Interviews: Hammer Starlet/Bond Girl Caroline Munro! Bill (Deep Cover) Duke! Noir Treasures! Best of the Fests! Orson Welles Redux! 80+ Reviews! $9.00.
  • VideoScope #110 Spring 2019 Interviews: Candy Clark! Makeup Master Dennis Liddiard! Apocalypto Redux! Inside Mega Time Squad! Best of the Fests! 80+ Reviews! $9.00.

Back Issues #111 - #120

  • VideoScope #111 Summer 2019 Interviews: Drive-in Diva Belinda (The Howling) Balaski! Matt (The Mutilator) Mitler! Digital Drive-in Classics! Best of the Fests! 80+ Reviews! $9.00.
  • VideoScope #112 Fall 2019 Interviews: Brett Halsey! James (Twin Peaks) Morrison! Oz at 80: Margaret Hamilton! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! Dan Curtis! 80+ Reviews! $9.00.
  • VideoScope #113 Winter 2020 Interviews: Gary (Satan’s Sadists) Kent! Nichelle Nichols! Best of the Fright-Film Fests! Hammer Horrors! 80+ Reviews! $9.00.
  • VideoScope #114 Spring 2020 Interviews: Kevin (Motel Hell) Connor! Dardano Sacchetti: From Mario to Dario! Best of the Fests! 80+ Reviews! $9.00.
  • VideoScope #115 Fall 2020 Interviews: Max (World War Z) Brooks! Drive-In Icon Jesse Lee Vint! Character King Larry Hankin! Universal Horrors! 80+ Reviews! $9.00.
  • VideoScope #116 Winter 2022 Interviews: Karen (Starman) Allen! Larry Hankin Part 2! Elisa Briganti! Horror-Rama! Best of the Fests! 80+ Reviews $10.00.
  • VideoScope #117 Spring 2022 Interviews: Brian (Re-Animator) Yuzna! Deborah Goodrich Royce! William Stout! David (The Warriors) Harris! Old School Kung-Fu Fest! Cult Dementia! 80+ Reviews $10.00.
  • VideoScope #118 Summer 2022 Interviews: Arlene (Malibu Bay Films) Sidaris! Tom (Blades) Rondinella! John (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) Lazar! Castellari Crime Thrillers! Drive-In Sci-Fi Classics! 80+ Reviews $10.00.
  • VideoScope #119 Fall 2022 Interviews: Raphael (Dracula vs. Frankenstein)! Lenny Von (Twin Peaks) Dohlen! Forever Halloween! Elmer G. Ulmer Celebration! 80+ Reviews $10.00.
  • VideoScope #120 Winter 2023 Interviews: Roger (Count Yorga, Vampire) Perry! Michael (Twin Peaks) Horse! 3-D-O-RAMA! Val Lewton Lives Again! 80+ Reviews $10.00.

Back Issues #121 - #139

  • VideoScope #121 Special Eurocrime Edition! Interviews: Dan Haggerty! Joy Harmon! Jimmy Hunt! Spring Bike-A-Thon! Cult Slashers and Shockers! 80+ Reviews $10.00.
  • VideoScope #122 Special Asian Palooza Edition! Interviews: Jeff Fahey! Taimak! Anne Serling! All-night Action-O-Rama! Mondo Milian! 80+ Reviews $10.00.